Zaragoza Certification Center

As stated by the network to which we are adhered Acoat®Selected, the auto-repair shop is no different from any other productive industry. Immersed in a competitive market, the need to evolve and adapt to demands that surround this industry has become a priority. Correctly executed repairs may no longer be enough to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, added services make it more attractive, competitive and sometimes exclusive, is a path that workshops cannot abandon.

“Zaragoza’s certification center increases the value of our installation, as it guarantees that the repairs are carried out with the best methods and tools, as well as with qualified personnel.”

Not only a Certification

Currently, the CZ Workshop Certification System is a consolidated activity, which is permanently active, which means, it is not limited to the certification of the workshop, but encourages continuous improvement and recognizes the distinction of those who are in possession of higher levels and their desire is to improve themselves, promoting and enhancing all levels of organization, and thus allowing the recognition of three, four and five star workshops.

Quality Guarantee:

  1. Guarantee a quality repair, according with the requirements and specifications of the manufacturer
  2. Actively serve customers and simplify administrative procedures
  3. Compliance with delivery deadlines
  4. Continuous training on repair processes
  5. Sustainable business concerned about the environment, our society and economy

“In collaboration with Acoat®Selected, Zaragoza Center was certified and adhered to the network. “